The 26 letters that could.

Does anyone else just marvel at the awesomeness of the alphabet? Let me explain. 

Okay, so there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. Some of these letters mean something  (ie “i” and “a”). Even though they are just squiggles and lines, they actually mean something and each letter has a distinctive sound or sounds to it. Many of these letters have an association to it that most of us are familiar with – for example, “a” for apple and “e” for elephant.

Most of the letters in the alphabet are meaningless; but of course, they can line themselves up into words and sentences. With 26 letters, you can write a paragraph, a poem, a casual diary, a formal letter, an article, a whole book! With just 26 letters, the possibilities are infinite! With just 26 letters, something as widely appreciated like the works of Shakespeare can be written and with the very same 26 letters, something less appreciated like an insult can be formed.

Moving on from the fact that 26 letters has infinite possibilities, there’s also it’s ability to convey meaning so that the reader is able to appreciate some, if not all of what the writer had in their mind. Isn’t that amazing? Say, I’m thinking of a red tomato about the size of a fist right now because I had some for dinner. And now you understand what I just said and you are probably thinking of a red tomato too, just because I wrote down those letters r and e and d and t and o and etc… Of course, we can also convey more complex thoughts such as happiness or anger and we can let people know what we are thinking about and how we are thinking as well.

When you take the time to think about it, the power of the 26 letters that we have in our alphabet is remarkable. And of course, I marvel at humans who are able to use them to communicate our insubstantial thoughts. There’s probably other reasons why I love the 26 letters and the art of writing, but for now, rant over.



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