Looking back on the bank holiday


As a student, the bank holiday has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. Nevertheless, I found myself researching into the history of this bank holiday and here is what I found.

Today’s bank holiday is formerly known as the Summer bank holiday or the August bank holiday. It used to be on the first Monday of August (and still is in Scotland) according to the Bank Holidays Act of 1871; but after the 1971 Banking and Financial Dealings Act, it was moved to the last Monday after a period of testing in the years prior to it. It is seen to mark the end of the summer holidays and according to one source, it was originally intended to give bank employers the opportunity to watch and participate in cricket matches. Nowadays, many people go on short holidays or relax, and every year since 1966, the London Notting Hill Carnival has been held on this bank holiday weekend.

Okay, so it marks the end of the summer holidays. Fine. I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE!!!  – that’s the first phrase that pops up into my head (and my friends’ for that matter who also moan that they haven’t done anything over the holidays.) I then went on to list the many things in my head that I planned to do but have not yet done, despite it nearing the end of August.

But today, I decided to be positive about it. Instead of sighing through the things I haven’t done, I decided to look back over the holidays and see if I have done anything. To my surprise and pleasure, I have found that there are some productive things I have managed to squeeze into my hours of procrastination;

  • Started a blog
  • Started working in a charity shop
  • Wrote at least half a dozen poems and edited past ones
  • Wrote 10,000 words of a book
  • Wrote 10,000 words of another book
  • Researched into the use of apostrophe in Homer
  • Researched a bit about universities
  • Wrote an article for a school magazine on some war poems
  • Tidied my room to get rid of stuff I’m never going to use again
  • Mentally prepared myself for 6th form – I’m so excited and scared at the same time ican’twait

Okay. Yes, this is very little compared to many people and I have not gone on a ‘holiday’ in some exotic location. And there are many things I have not done, but I have at least done something?! I guess I still have to do that bit of holiday homework, which is thoughtfully placed on my desk and awaits patiently until I finally decide to do it.


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