People, relationships and me

It seems obvious when said, but during the holidays, I observed many people and their relationships with each other. And from those observations of people in relationships, I realised just how much people are different in their likes, causes of annoyance and their values.

There are people joined in their love for something; a hobby, say. Some are joined in their merry outlook on life. There were times when I marveled at the fact that one person could stand what I saw as some fault in the partner.

I guess that’s a good thing, or we’ll all be running after a particular type of person. This difference is what brings individuality to the world and that special uniqueness to relationships.

It was not long before I remembered to pull back  from this third person perspective of other people РI am no different in that I am a person interacting with other people too. But what makes me different to other people? What is it about me that might attract one person but push away another?

I don’t know yet. Perhaps I never will fully know. But I think it won’t hurt to attempt beginning an exploration of who I am and what I value the most this year.


What I learnt about physical and emotional pain

The owl looked like this fellow from where I was as it flew silently away

I had an amazing time on a camping trip during the past few days; I even got to see an owl (I think it was a barn owl) which got me really excited because I had never seen nor ever expected to see an owl in the wild.  There were some pretty countryside buildings and fascinating plants and though it was not the best one I had been to, I had fun. Continue reading