People, relationships and me

It seems obvious when said, but during the holidays, I observed many people and their relationships with each other. And from those observations of people in relationships, I realised just how much people are different in their likes, causes of annoyance and their values.

There are people joined in their love for something; a hobby, say. Some are joined in their merry outlook on life. There were times when I marveled at the fact that one person could stand what I saw as some fault in the partner.

I guess that’s a good thing, or we’ll all be running after a particular type of person. This difference is what brings individuality to the world and that special uniqueness to relationships.

It was not long before I remembered to pull back  from this third person perspective of other people – I am no different in that I am a person interacting with other people too. But what makes me different to other people? What is it about me that might attract one person but push away another?

I don’t know yet. Perhaps I never will fully know. But I think it won’t hurt to attempt beginning an exploration of who I am and what I value the most this year.


“Desert places” – personal analysis

Sometimes, I watch a drama or a film of people together whether as a family, friends or lovers and I get a nice warm feeling inside as I marvel at the happiness and beauty of relationships. However, there are occasions when after watching those things, I feel an extreme feeling of loneliness as I find myself (unnecessarily) comparing my own life to that of others. Continue reading

What jealousy can offer, poem

I was watching a TED talk by Parul Sehgal titled “An ode to envy” which analyses jealousy in the context of literature. Although I do not agree with entirely everything that she says, I agree that there are many faces to this emotion that people and animals feel from a young age. It is a basic emotion that stems from our survival instincts to be loved by our mothers and to be the center of attention so that we have better chances of surviving. But of course, jealousy can be destructive – a cause for those horrifying stories on the news, and it can destroy relationships. Many religious teachings discourage this emotion because it can be a sign of a materialistic approach to life. But jealousy itself? It is a complicated thing.

It inspired me to write this poem that explores some of the qualities of jealousy;

Continue reading