Beginning a blog

Hello and good day to anyone reading this.

I’d been thinking for some time now about starting a blog and I did just now because…    I had time, I guess.

Also, I was going through the documents on my computer and found many things that I had written – creative writing, personal responses to a bit of news, drawings etc. They’re just sitting there uselessly, so I thought maybe I might share some of them with anyone who’s interested.

I’m a bit weird. In the sense that I have many hobbies that are not the ones you might expect from someone my age (I’m in my mid teens). I write essays for fun – how weird is that, when many people I know detest essays and would much rather go, say, shopping or to the cinema? But is that really weird? What even is the meaning of ‘weird’?  There must be people like me out there somewhere, who understands me and the things I do and the emotions I feel.

My interests know no boundaries, so I will be posting all sorts of things on this blog (after all it is a diary). I’m no expert on blogs so I will be fumbling my way through for the first part, learning ways to improve it as I go along (so bear with me). If you don’t like that, feel free to move on and look at the countless other blogs out there. If you like some of the stuff I post, well thank you. Thank you very much.